How OneFirewall scale with AWS and Kubernetes

Sunday, Oct 3, 2021| Tags: AWS, Kubernetes, Cloud, Scalability

OneFirewall Alliance implements flexible software solutions that help enterprises to enhance security on top of their existing infrastructure, providing them with different agent solutions to interact with our centralized OneFirewall Cloud Defender solution, available “as-a-Service”.

The OneFirewall Cloud Defender solution, as well as other implemented products, has been built on top of a microservices ecosystem, with different technologies involved. For the infrastructure, we adopted a cloud based infrastructure, according to a “as-a-Service” approach, and AWS Cloud provider has been selected. The use of Amazon Web Services (AWS S3, AWS CloudFront, AWS API Gateway, AWS ALB, AWS SQS, AWS EC2, and others) for services related to infrastructure chassis needed to run the OneFirewall defender applications allow us to lighten them from management of services granted by the SLA of AWS infrastructure.

The applications instead are built with a containerized solution which provides them with a lightweight, fast, and isolated infrastructure. They are orchestrated with kubernetes (k8s), an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. We built a high available kubernetes cluster currently hosting 15 ec2 instances with 3 master nodes and 12 worker nodes, with 3 replicas for each pod of our application products (~54 pods). That solution enables us to achieve a flexible architecture to spread our applications cross wide, by adding new features, and granting a uptime of 99,9% with a continuous delivery of 1h.

The use of the “powered by AWS” image is used based on the trademark AWS Trademark Guidelines

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