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Friday, Oct 15, 2021| Tags: OFA, OneFirewall, OneFirewall-Alliance

The human species across the years developed a natural filter to protect themself against threats, this engine works by accumulating data of our souranding, then we use these data to build a risk profile against actors that we interact. Past attacks indicates higher probability of risk from the same actor, therefore the natural reaction of a human is to prevent interaction of any kind, and this is calibrated based on the gains versus the risks.

If we view the internet network in the corresponding way we view the human society, we will expect the identical protection engine in action. Yet, the internet does not use trust mechanisms bettween the connection of its nodes, leaving the only mechanism of protection, the single assessment of the traffic during the time of interaction (what we cyber security industry call IPS - Intrusion Prevention Systems)

OneFirewall is a platform, created and commercialized from the company OneFirewall Alliance LTD in England, to build and offer a platfom for heterogenous internet entities to use a shared knowledge base to trust/untrust interent traffic in real time.

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