DNS – OneDefender

No installation| Offered via: Cloud (SaaS)

DNS – OneDefender

DNS OneDefender is a free service offered to all the members of OneFirewall Alliance, providing Secure Domain Name Resolution.

The service uses:

  1. World Crime Feeds (WCF) by OneFirewall
  2. Quad9 DNS - Internet Security
  3. Cloudflare DNS

DNS OneDefender offers:

  1. protection against outbound access of malicious sources
  2. DNS protection from phishing attacks
  3. easy setup and use

Enabling DNS Defender from OneFirewall requires just a simple configuration change on your DNS entries. Most organizations will only have to change the DNS settings in the central DHCP server, hence automatically updating all the users in a few seconds with no action needed at end devices at all.

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Free service that can be set without installation or OneFirewall support
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