Our Solution

OneFirewall is a complete, modular and configurable cyber security solution. Specific modules collect events from already adopted security products and from OneFirewall selected external sources, setting a common data model and adding valuable information to it such as the OneFirewall Alliance Reputation Score. Our Business Intelligence Engine manages statistics and reports on how this data is used to prevent malicious attacks.


Our innovative product family applies a security model to departments of a single organization or to an alliance, enabling them to share security events on their Internet traffic. Our products strengths exponentially the network defensive perimeter of every organisation in the alliance against cyber attacks in real time, combining all the alliance members security capabilities and enabling smart network traffic filtering by a reputational score.


Cloud solution is ideal for small organisations who wants to use our Threat Intelligence data occasionally or in a distributed environment.


Enterprise solution enables the true power of OneFirewall through the Alliance live collaboration platform using the unique Machine Learning Algorithms and Trust collaboration framework implemented in OneFirewall Enterprise.