OneFirewall Alliance has been founded to address and prevent malicious cyber activity through data sharing, analysis and distribution. Hackers from around the world are grouping in associations to be more effective on their malicious intents, while every organization defends itself alone, OneFirewall Alliance changes everything. Our solution, through its Threats Info Sharing Platform and IP Reputation Score Engine will increase security while decreasing its cost.


A data platform that retrieves events from internal security products and from external sources, modelling them into a common standard object used by the different modules to increase defense. Data is shared in real time with members in compliance with the alliance agreement, enabling every single organization to benefit from threats analysis resulting both from security products already present in the whole alliance and from OneFirewall provided network sources.


A unique IP reliability setting module which represents OneFirewall core module.
Onefirewall Patended algorithms, based on statistic data, enable scoring attribution. Alliance Score is then used for IP Reliability Calculation.

Threats Info
Sharing Platform

IP Reputation
Score Engine

Intrusion Detection
& Prevention Modules

Threats Analysis
ML Engine